Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bernice Liu Refers Moses Chan As 'Somebody', Treats Breakup As Promotion

Moses Chan is only a somebody to Bernice Liu?

After the news of Bernice dating a new man (Alastair Lam) breaks out, many reports have been accusing the actress leaving Moses just to know more rich guys. The actress attended to the promotion of TVB series "Home Troopers" and was prepared to be asked such incident: "I read related reports, but the content is inaccurate. I won't reply nonfactual reports." She expressed she looks at people's personality rather than their money when she makes friends.

Once refer her rumored boyfriend as good friend, recently she only referred him as colleague and yesterday the title is only a 'somebody' (Cantonese 'yan dey', may mean 'somebody', 'other people', 'one'): "I always say Moses is a friend, a colleague. I believe something is not true. And I don't know whether somebody really did say 'past is in the past'."

It is rumored she told her pursuers that Moses is gay, she did not answered directly: "You will always have negative news working in this field. I understand."

The actress also knows who released info to reporters: "The world is round. How you treat people represent how you will be treated." She stressed what comes around goes around, that person will pay for what he/she has done.

With that many negative reports coming out, Bernice is not discouraged and will only treat them as promotions.

Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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