Thursday, December 2, 2010

Raymond Wong Faces Anniversary Awards Peacefully

Anniversary series "No Regrets" pushed Raymond Wong Ho-Yin's popularity to the peak. He accepted an interview by Metro Radio today and talked about this Sunday's TVB Anniversary Awards. He is facing the big show peacefully: "Have to look for the right time and right place. It would affect the result whether the series is aired in the beginning or the end of the year, because voters' votes count." It is said he is the most favorable to win "Most Improved Actor," he said: "Those who are nominated are [my] competitors. I'm happy with whoever wins the award." As for his pick for TV King, he looks highly on Kent Cheng: "He taught me many things. I learned a lot from working with him."

Ho-Yin is playing a villain in next year's series, asked whether he is confident? He said: "Don't have to think that much, it's more important to enjoy the filming. My wish for 2011 is to enjoy from work."

Source: ON.CC, Apple Daily / Translation: KAY @ Love Ho-Yin


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