Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cecilia Cheung Leaves The Hospital Secretly

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: KAY

After giving birth to second son Quintus last Wednesday, it's known that Cecilia Cheung and her newborn left the hospital secretly yesterday, successfully avoided all media. Last night around 8PM, security guard in the hospital saw reporters had been waiting and waiting, so he told them that Cecilia already left. But when reporters contacted Deborah (mother-in-law of Cecilia), she still said: "Not yet, we are still in there." However, Cecilia's manager admitted they left already. Yesterday afternoon around 3PM, Cecilia's brother appeared in the hospital to visit his sister. He greeted reporters when he left. Asked is Cecilia still in the hospital? He nodded. In addition, Nicholas Tse continued to work, filming commercials. His assistant posted Nicholas' photos on Sina Mini Blog and expressed: "He is still in break, but some jobs cannot be put off."


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