Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ratings of Kimura Takuya's 'Moon Lovers' Drops


Japanese drama king Kimura Takuya's new drama "Moon Lovers" (月の恋人) aired its second episode yesterday in Fuji TV. Although the new episode featured hot kissing scenes between Kimura and Taiwanese top model Chiling Lin, but ratings didn't raise but dropped instead. It dropped from 22.4% (first episode) to 19.2%.

After five years, Kimura finally gave his on-screen kiss again. But viewers didn't seem to buy it and some netizens dislikes Kimura has aged and isn't suitable of playing a prince anymore. In general, viewers praised foreigner Chiling has a good performance and pretty face: "Still this pretty at 35!" Seems like team of this drama really need to do more promotion work to bring ratings up.

Source: Liberty Times / Translated by: KAY @ kays-entertainment.blogspot.com


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