Thursday, May 20, 2010

Teresa Mo Films Her Last TV Series, Returns To Movie Industry

TVB new sitcom "天天天晴" (Some Day) held a blessing ceremony yesterday. Main characters Louise Lee, Teresa Mo, Wayne Lai etc. are veteran actors, plus Crystal Tien, Wong He, Johnson Lee, Lau Dan, etc, this new series is anticipating. This series would be Teresa's last television series. After that she will focus in movies and family.

Teresa expressed they started filming about 2 weeks ago. Because the costume fitting earlier ran into the schedule of relief programs, so they handled the event in low-profile. She joked: "Wayne and I will continue our relationship from previous series. Last time we just developed some feelings and the series ended. Viewers also want us to date, so the plot would be a little sweeter." She expressed the series would have about 120 episodes and is maybe her last television series. She said: "I won't film series anymore, it feels enough. Originally I just wanted to satisfy vanity, gain more TV viewers, plus it was to fulfill Catherine Tseng's wish. If I count this new series, I already filmed 460 episodes." She expressed she rejected 4 movies and would focus in movies: "I overlooked my family because of busy schedule in filming series. My youngest daughter wants to spend more time with me."

Wayne have romance plots with Teresa, he joked: "Last time viewers are happy watching it. This time would definitely end in a comedic ending, no third-wheel would interfere us. I'm filming 'Rosy Business 2,' but also want to focus in filming sitcoms."

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY


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