Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ah Jeh Accepts Criticism, Will Practice More

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY

Liza Wong (Ah Jeh)'s singing segment in "Fun With Liza and Gods" is criticized by some netizens and they even established a Facebook page, requesting her not to sing again in the show. The fan page has more than 30,000 supporters to "like" it.

There are many Ah Jeh's supporters counterattack and support, saying Ah Jeh is a hardworking artiste and everyone should give encouragements, shouldn't attack.

As for netizens' criticism, Ah Jeh believes there are always praise and criticism when doing things. Some might like it, some might not, no need to mind. She knows she tried very hard to do it. She will continue to work hard in the future and do her best.

In Ah Jeh's official website, many fans left messages, expressing their support. Some said it proved Ah Jeh is newsworthy by being discussed. Other Mainland fans said  a small amount of netizens criticized but a large amount of viewers in Hong Kong support Ah Jeh. Numbers don't mean everything and they told Ah Jeh to "add oil."


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