Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Actor Liu Ye Admits Fighting With Westerner: Got Injured But No Death

Source: The Sun and Oriental Daily
Translated by: KAY

Yesterday Mainland producer Ronald Wong Ban exposed on Weibo, saying a Westerner fought over a taxi with a Mainland well-known young actor. The Westerner even humiliated that actor using "F*ck You." At the end it turned into a fight and police had to get involved. This incident is pointing to Liu Ye and it's even rumored he was arrested.

Liu Ye wrote on his blog immediately yesterday: "In order to prevent random guesses and associative connection, now I would explain this little fight, which ended blissfully." He admitted having conflicts with a Westerner: "Around 11PM, a taxi parked outside a hotel, I got onto the car from the South, he got off from the North. Because a language barrier, misunderstanding arose. To know the meaning of 'F*ck You' and who actually said that, a dispute started. It was short, we got injured but no death. We shook hands and made peace at the end. He said Friends, I said brothers, just like our Chinese saying, exchange of blows may lead to friendship."

After the incident exposed, Liu Ye's manager still support him: "He is a chivalrous guy, I never heard he take the initiative to beat someone, but it's normal to fight back when you're bullied." She added the incident happened on the 12th, during the opening ceremony of Shanghai International Film Festival. She said Liu Ye fought back because the other person said foul words and attacked first. She stressed the arrest rumor is fake: "No such thing, Liu Ye filed to Beijing the next day." As for Ronald Wong, who exposed the incident, he said he was present where the incident took place, and commented: "I feel delighted." He expressed if the same thing happened to him, he would fight back, too.


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