Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cecilia Cheung Once Rejected A 10 Million Commercial Offer For Lucas

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY

Cecilia Cheung brought Lucas back to Hong Kong from the "CJ7 Loves the Earth" press conference two nights ago. Many reporters were waiting for them and that scared Cecilia. She said she felt wrong in the phone interview. From the interview, Cecilia disclosed she is preparing for filming again in the future.

Not even 3 years old, Lucas is become a star already. It's said he worth up to 8 millon HKD, even a double to his dad Nicholas Tse's 4 million. Cecilia disclosed on the phone "not only 8 million." She expressed earlier when Lucas turned 1, a brand invited him to film a commercial for 10 million, but she and Nicholas rejected them because they believe kids should focus in their studies. However, media's attention is always at Lucas and he even became the cover story. She thinks she shouldn't hide his talent, so she finally allowed him to sing theme song of animated "CJ7."

Cecilia said Lucas likes to dance more than singing. Lately he got better in talking, so she started to teach him to sing. Asked whether Nicholas was worried about Lucas' performance at the press? Cecilia said: "Nicholas was a little worried, but I'm taking care of Lucas, he is satisfied with that." Cecilia will sing theme song with Lucas together, asked whether she planned to make her comeback, she said: "I didn't say I retired, I admit I want to act, very itchy about it. The thing I like the most is films. In the future I would film films, but not filming day and night like when I was 18, I hope to film one to two films every year." She expressed Nicholas is busy working, they don't have much time to see each other, so she would fight for any chance to meet him.

As for Lucas' singing, everyone has to wait until the premier of "CJ7 Loves the Earth." But like Cecilia said, Lucas was good at dancing. Yesterday a clip of Lucas dancing alone has been circulating on the internet. In the 5-minute clip, Lucas was dancing along with Michael Jackson's "Beat It," he even mimicked MJ's dance At the end of the clip, Lucas performed martial arts moves like his dad Nicholas. Lucas' performance is greatly praised by netizens.

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