Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kevin Cheng 'Jumps Off Building' On His Birthday

Kevin Cheng, Bernice Liu, and Raymond Cho were filming a jump off building scene yesterday for series "Home Troopers"(居家兵團). It was also Kevin's 41th birthday. He received birthday cake from staff and fans plus lucky money from Ah Jeh (Liza Wang) and text message from rumored girlfriend Charmaine Sheh, it shouldn't be a problem for Kevin to jump off a 28FL building on his birthday.

As for filming a dangerous scene on his birthday, Kevin said: "Can't say I'm being played. It's a good thing to work on my birthday. But I hope I don't have to film this type of scene every year during my birthday. (What is your birthday wish?) Less rumor, earn more money. But I understand it's impossible to have no rumor in this field. I'm very happy Ah Jeh gave me lucky money. (Thought of getting married?) Ah Jeh asked me, too. But she told me to work harder to earn money and wait 5 more years. When I said 5 years is too long, Ah Jeh then told me to just date less seriously. (Anything from rumored girlfriend Charmaine?) She text me. I text her back politely."

Source: Mingpao; TVB Channel / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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