Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fahrenheit Holds 'All You Can Touch' Fans Meeting

Fahrenheit (飛輪海) held a "Super Hot" fans meeting yesterday. Every ticket is $700 and all 2000 seats were full, making Fahrenheit earn at least 1 million NTD. Although ticket price is expensive, but the four joked: "Today is all you can touch, you paid 700 dollars, it's time to touch them back." They also expressed this album won't be their last album.

Organization arranged 4 fans to the stage and danced with their idols. Some fans said: "I don't know how to dance. I just know 8 beats." Aaron Yan joked: "Welcome to this all you can touch event." Jiro Wang even said let fans to touch them. Originally the fan that matched with Wu Zun was too shy to touch, in the end Calvin Chen grabbed her hand and put it on Wu Zun's chest, causing other fans to scream.

Finally releasing their 4th album after a year and 8 months, Fahrenheit still need to face disbanding rumors. W Zun said: "I'm used to it, won't get embarrassed." Jiro said: "I will think on the good side. This represent we're all good even on our own, very happy."

Don't worry this woman is Aaron's mom!! LOL

Source: UDN, Liberty Times / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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