Sunday, September 12, 2010

6-Wing@FAMA Admits Dated Leila Tong Before

Once rumored with Leila Tong, yesterday 6-Wing from rap duo FAMA finally admitted dating Leila in the past. Yesterday FAMA attended to an event and when asked his feelings about Leila announced she's getting married, 6-Wing exposed they haven't contact each other for a long time since the breakup. He even lost her phone number. He explained: "I lost my phone earlier, that's why I lost all numbers!" FAMA's another member C-Kwan expressed he is surprised that 6-Wing admitted this relationship. 6-Wing said it shouldn't be a problem to open it up since Leila is getting married. Asked what would he give her, he said: "My blessing. She is not materialistic. (Know her fiance?) Know he does stage plays, but never collaborated before."

As for Leila's ex-rumored boyfriend Stephen Au, he was surprised to hear Leila's marriage announcement. He said: "Congratulations! (You don't even know about it?) Haven't contact for so long. (Would call to congratulate her?) Definitely, right now!" Then he took out his phone but couldn't find her number, he said embarrassingly: "Would definitely call her soon!"

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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