Sunday, October 31, 2010

Chen Han Dian Replaces Selina to Host 'Guess'

Selina Ren is the new host for Taiwanese variety show "Guess Guess Guess" along with Harlem Yu. The pair has been hosting this long-running show since this summer and received good feedback from audience.

However, since Selina is injured from an explosion accident last week, she cannot return to the show temporarily. Her last two pre-taped episodes of the show were aired already and new episodes to start taping on November 4. It's known Chen Han Dian (on the right), the goofball in talk show "Kangxi Laile," is taking Selina's place until she comes back. Amber Ann Xinya and Sister Butterfly will also join as co-hosts.

In addition, the show now moves to the Friday's 8-10PM spot. Jay Chou's new variety show "Mr. J Channel" takes "Guess Guess Guess"s old spot and to premier next Saturday (November 16) at 10 o'clock.

Source: 163 / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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