Sunday, October 31, 2010

Leila Tong Holds Wedding At Church

Leila Tong married boyfriend of three years Desmond Tang in early October and their wedding was held in a small church in Hong Kong. Only about 30 family members and friends attended to the event. As for why she did not invite people in the entertainment circle to her wedding, she explained she wants to keep it low-profile and to avoid reporters asking her questions about anniversaries every year.

Although she is not associated with any religion, but because she wants to fulfill her wish, she chose to complete wedding ceremony at church. She entered the building with her father. Always someone who gets touched easily, she could not hold her tears when the door was opened. She said, "I completed this ceremony with tears. I even delivered my thoughts and feelings in tears, too. Originally thought we are both used to acting, and do not need to use a mic to speak, but then I cried too much that I pretty much lost my voice."

The actress got married in low-profile and it was rumored it is because she is pregnant. She expressed she won't reply to these rumors and will naturally accept changes in her life. She also hopes to have a great family besides a good career, she said, "If one day you guys see me with a big stomach, then there you go. No need to do pregnancy test everyday to prove to others."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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