Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bernice Liu's 32nd Birthday, No 'Happy Birthday' From BF & Ex

It was Bernice Liu's 32nd birthday and she celebrated it at work, receiving a birthday cake and a handbag from a handbag brand. Bernice stressed she is focusing at her career and already celebrated her birthday with her parents the night before. Asked whether she is not celebrating it with her boyfriend Alastair Lam, she said: "Of course I'm celebrating it with my parents!" Talked about her birthday wish, she said: "Good health, everything successful, less unhappy reports, plus I hope everyone can focus on my performance." Why does not wish she can have a boyfriend? She said: "You can't force that. It's more important to be happy!"

Bernice said she received many birthday e-mails from friends, asked whether she received a message from Moses Chan, she said: "No," then she changed her mind: "Doesn't know yet, because I don't have my phone with me." Asked about her breaking up with Alastair, Bernice said: "I'm not replying. Those reports are from last year. I hope I can have a happy new year. I will do my job well. I have nothing to say. I don't mind, this is how showbiz is."

Talked about her new series "Home Troopers" and "Show Me the Happy" do not have good ratings, Bernice does not agree, saying "Show Me the Happy" is a sitcom and it is good to have ratings around 25 and 26 points.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


Bernice, you are past 30. Time to get married, otherwise become 'lou gu por'

same with other tvb actresses like Charmaine Sheh ;)

Agree. She is now almost 34. Start to label down the hill :)

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