Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wong Cho Lam: I'm Prettier Than All Women

It is said Raymond Lam's sister looks like Wong Cho Lam and yesterday Wong Cho Lam was asked about this, he said with a surprise: "I just returned Hong Kong and I haven't read the report. I don't know whether we are look alikes. If it's true, it proves Raymond and I are good brothers. Since you say his sister and I look alike, that indirectly implies I look like Raymond."

Cho Lam expressed he has not met Raymond's sister. He said his sister should be the one who looks like him, not Raymond's sister. He hopes people can appreciate individuality; everyone has his/her pretty looks.

Talked about some people said he looks prettier than Raymond's sister, Cho Lam replied: "Let me tell you, I'm prettier than all women. But she [Raymond's sister] must be the prettiest on her wedding day. I only allowed her to be the prettiest on that one day."

As for whether he is prettier than his girlfriend Leanne Li, he said: "Yeah, that's why she's always jealous of me."

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


awwwwww wong cho lam is so cute for defending raymond lam's sister

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