Monday, January 3, 2011

Christine Kuo 'Dies' Twice in a Month

Christine Kuo attended to the costume fitting of "Forensic Heroes III" yesterday in a low-cut wedding gown. Actors from this upcoming drama were arranged to appear according to their plot in the drama. The Miss Chinese International is shot at her wedding with Lai Lokyi. She leaned forward during the performance, showing off her 'career line.'

Reporters teased her for sacrificing this much and she said: "No, very normal. It's a happy thing to wear a wedding gown, it's pretty, too. (Die immediately when you're just introduced?) Yeah, got shot and died at my wedding. But I'll still appear in some memory scenes. It's quite challenging to die beautifully. I'll study that when I get home. I didn't know how to 'die' earlier, whether to open my eyes or not. (Don't mind that you need to 'die' during New Years?) Don't mind! I'm filming another series <紫禁驚雷> and I need to die soon, too. I need to 'die' twice in a month, quite special. You don't get a chance like that often, should cherish this opportunity."

Producer of the drama originally wanted Lokyi to pick Christine up, but it did not happen because of her wedding gown and the fact she has yet lose weight successfully. Christine said the diet she tried earlier affected her health so she switched to a detox program to continue her weight loss plan.

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


Fat Christine, how she can become Miss Chinese International?

x.x she's not THAT FAT!!! just a little chubbier than those skinny thin TVB actress........

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