Monday, January 3, 2011

Jiro Wang Brings 200 Fans to Hotel For Book Signing

Jiro Wang held a book signing in Guangzhou recently but was forced to leave earlier, disappointing nearly 3,000 fans.

Jiro's book signing originally planned to start at 2PM and it would be 4-hours long. But he was asked to changed it to 4PM. After only just an hour and a half, Guangzhou's Public Security turned off the lights already and forced him to leave. Fans were disturbed and many even cried. It was a chaos at the event.

Jiro's management company requested to continue the book signing, but the Public Security replied back: "You're responsible if people died." In the end, the Fahrenheit member arranged 4 buses to bring 200 fans to the hotel to continue book signing. The event finally ended at 11:30PM.

Jiro later apologized on Weibo: "Because there were too many people today, we had to stopped it in the middle. Sorry that everyone was worried." He expressed he would return to Guangzhou again for fans.

Source: WJ / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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