Monday, January 24, 2011

'Home Troopers' Finale Rating Peaks 35 Pts

The drama's good ratings saved some face for the leads.

TVB's "Home Troopers" has been receiving mediocre ratings since it debuts on television last month. Its weekly average ratings are usually around 27 points, never broke 30 points like some other series did. Others even said it is Bernice Liu's negative news that affect ratings of the drama.

Fortunately there was a turning point last week for the drama. Last week's average rating is 29 points, and rating of the 2-hour finale aired on Friday even peaks 35 points.

In addition, another TVB drama 'A Great Way to Care' also did well last week, receiving 31 points on average. It seems ratings of TVB's weekly dramas are back on track as people returned home from traveling.

Source: Mingpao / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


I'm glad that Home Troopers got good ratings the last week. I really think it was one of the better done family dramas that TVB has filmed in a while and I especially liked Liza's mom role (even though I usually can't stand the overbearing mom characters) as well as Bernice's character!

The whole cast acted really well and the story was great and meaningful, 2 worthwhile reasons for watching the series from start to end.

Liza and Ha Yu had fantastic chemistry and shone -professional and well-seasoned in their acting craft. Bernice has improved alot in her acting and her accent is more and more natural.

i also agree the dramas not bad, i learned some cleaning n kids techniques lol. the cast did well, i enjoyed watching it.

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