Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Maggie Cheung Cuts Hair Short For New Drama

Not only she turns down many job opportunities for new drama, Maggie Cheung also says goodbye to her long hair.

The actress was asked to replace Charmaine Sheh's role in upcoming drama "Forensic Heroes 3" a few days ago and she attended to a costume fitting yesterday. In order to play a professional forensic, she even cuts her hair short for the role.

"I always wanted to have short hair, but got no motivation until now," she said. "It could be even shorter actually."

It is said she sacrificed a lot financially for this drama, Maggie denied, saying it is by chance.

"Don't say that, it's a chance in fate. I think I can do this job well."

Taking Charmaine's role on a short notice, Maggie hopes the injured actress recovers soon and said she understands the pain of dislocating her joints. As for Charmaine herself, she expressed her helplessness on Weibo.

"I hate that I'm a woman that gets hurt easily. Let me say this to everyone who expects my performance in 'Forensic Heroes 3,' I'm sorry...I disappointed you," she wrote.

Source: Mingpao, ON.CC / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


I think Maggie looks great with this short hairstyle, and she carries it with an easy confidence!

I can't wait to see Forensic Heroes III now that the new casts is in place! Was initially very disappointed with the lost of original casts but I am so excited to see the pairing of Wayne n Maggie. Just awesome! and Maggie is looking SHARP!

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