Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Steven Ma Sucks on Sonija Kwok's Mouth

Looks like Steven Ma has a new nickname.

Steven Ma and Sonija Kwok's new series "7 Days in Life" was premiered yesterday and the two already have kissing scenes in first episode [little spoiler from Kay: in their hotel room]. But they are not embarrassed to film these scenes and Steven even discusses with Sonija before hand on how to perform the scene.

Now looking at their kissing scene photos, Sonija points out Steven looks like a cuttlefish that keeps sucking her mouth.

"The shape of his mouth when kissing looks like cuttlefish's suckers," she says. "He is Mr. Sucker."

Their friendship was broken once because of misunderstanding, now Steven and Sonija had reunited when filming "7 Days in Life." Sonija hopes to be friends with Steven forever, even better if they can group as a pair of on-screen couple.

Source: Oriental Daily / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

[Kay says: LOL SUCKER.......doesn't sound too right but HAHA]


I would love to kiss, kiss, kiss Sonija too. Muacksssss... :)

And Sonija, I promised I won't be like that Steven's cuttlefish suckers, I will give you a long, perfect, romantic, french kiss.

lollllll good kisser i like u hahahaaaa XD

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