Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Selina Ren's Face Without Make-up After Accident

Selina Ren before showing up at press conference
Is the media revealing the truth or just hurting the injured singer once more?

Selina Ren made her first public appearance last week after explosion accident. Her parents once describe her face now is in red, just like Chinese historical figure Guan Yu, whose red face is his well-known feature.

A magazine photographed the S.H.E member before her press conference, showing her true face without make-up. Her face is partially shown as the bottom half of it is covered behind a red mask.

Selina's mood is not affected by the magazine report, and already knew she was being photographed. Her record company HIM explain the singer's face is not always that red, only when she exercises or gets emotional. They also clear up they only used an hour and a half to apply make up, not four hours like the magazine reported.

Been recovering these past months after the accident, it is rumored Selina would be back to work this year in June. But her record company stress this is only everyone's hope.

"This is our hope and encouragement for her," they say. "Establishing a goal can help her recover faster."

Source: Nextmedia, Apple Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


Don't follow the group SHE or have a fondness for Selina, but I must say that she's very brave. Everyday life will be a courageous battle for her for the rest of her life.

Burns of that extent is very hard to live with!

wonder if make up hurts her skin more?
get well soon, Selina of SHE

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