Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wayne Lai Opens Facebook to Communicate With Son

Wayne Lai and his wife attended to an event yesterday to promote a new Facebook mobile app. Wayne said: "I always want to have a Facebook, because communicating with youngsters is different now. They won't talk to you face to face. Maybe they're afraid of embarrassment after saying certain things, like I'm sorry. It would be easier to say it online. (Not afraid your son would become autistic because of that?) Can't do much. I would bring him out to functions in general. I don't want him to look at his phone or computer the whole time, we need some balance. But I'm afraid he won't focus at his studies if I bring him out too often. (Restrictions on going online?) Yes. I put his phone and computer in another room at night, say they need to be charged. I don't want him to get addicated. Good that he listens to me." He has decided to open a Facebook account to communicate with his son.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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