Friday, February 25, 2011

Guidelines When Writing/Translating

Kay's Entertainment's been with you for more than a year now! 'They' say I did at least 1,000 articles during this time, which totally surprised me...

So how exactly do I pick things to write/translate? You can take a look at the following:

News: major events, critical controversy, breaking news, weddings, deaths, babies, clear-ups, new-found/big discovery, "interesting". (absolutely no repeats*)

Interviews: provides new info, only once in a while for 1 artist, generally I would like to pick on my own. (absolutely no repeats)

*There are different newspapers out there reporting the same thing. Artists will be interviewed by different companies. Trying to avoid duplicates.

What I'm NOT writing: news just trying to sell the brand/product, rumors**, other authors' analysis and personal opinion, promotional articles, events/stories that haven't been confirmed and just at the making-up stage.

**I'll introduce rumors on Twitter & Facebook. Believe them or not believe them, you decide.

Use of Twitter & Facebook: I'll post the latest on my Twitter & Facebook, including brief news. So they're quite important!

I accept translation requests most of the time. Even if I'm not posting here, I will still give you a summary. Guidelines just like above.

Please understand I'm doing this on my personal time and it's totally nonprofit (I have my life, too...). Sorry I can't satisfy all your needs. Hope you like what's here. Thank you very much!


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