Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Past Showbiz Polls Results 2010-2011

I've asked several showbiz-related questions, and YOU picked your answer. Shall we review them all at once now?

Barbie Hsu (Da S)'s Engagement
Barbie Hsu's sudden engagement to Wang Xiao Fei was definitely a SURPRISE! So here I ask what do you think of it. The typical reaction? "She just want a rich guy!" As for whether they would split, we'll wait and see if you are right about that ;)

TVB Anniversary Awards 2010
OH YES! So I ask you to predict the winners of Most Improved Actor & Actress. Obviously you guys were so right about Raymond Wong! Selena Li & Natalie Tong were "competing" here, super close! Natalie won in the end, good job for predicting it right! Selena will make it in the future I'm sure!

Raymond Lam's Sister
Raymond Lam's sister was the hottest topic to discuss last month! I ask you possible things she could do in the showbiz, and most of you say group with her 'twin' Wong Cho Lam XD.

Favorite TVB Sitcom 2000-2010
TVB has produced many sitcoms throughout the years, and some of them are popular and well-known. Here I ask your favorite TVB sitcom the past 10 years. Without a doubt, Virtues of Harmony and War of the Genders. For Virtues of Harmony, personally, I'd been watching that on TV when I was little, so it was kinda a personal thing I guess. It's silly, but LOL. Who can forget War of the Genders, one of the TVB production with high ratings?

I would love to put up more polls this year. Share your feelings and thoughts! I'm looking forward to it.


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