Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Myolie Wu Doesn't Dare to Go On iCable to Get Award

Myolie Wu, Chilam Cheung and Tavia Yeung attended TVB new series The Rippling Blossom promotional event. Myolie also has another series airing on i-Cable, reporters teased that it's possible for her to become i-Cable's TV Queen. Myolie laughed: "Then please mail it to me, I'll give my mailing address too." Just completed shooting a series with 'boyfriend' Bosco Wong, she will be going to the U.S for stage work with Kevin Cheng on Valentine's Day. Myolie said that she hopes to receive flowers on Valentine's Day, asked if she prepared a gift for Bosco? She expressed that she is just receiving, not giving.

Tavia Yeung made a special trip back to HK from Hengdian just to attend the promotion. Today she'll be flying back to Hengdian to continue shooting. As for TVB's new boss, she hopes that artists will have more opportunities to work outside of the company.

Source: ON.CC / Translation: aZnangel


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