Saturday, March 19, 2011

Raymond Lam Goes In-Depth On Previous Relationship

Raymond Lam has been replying reporters' questions related to his bed photos leak lately. Here he discloses the inside story of his relationship with former girlfriend Pan Shuang Shuang.

The only girlfriend Raymond ever admitted is Rain Li back in 2001. Now 10 years have passed, a set of photos taken on the bed when he was with his ex are leaked and he never imagined he would have to confirm who he dated this way. This is the biggest difficulty he ever faced in the showbiz. But he feels blessed from receiving support from others.

"I get upset every time reading related reports. But I feel blessed. Many friends, including colleagues who I'm not close with sent SMS to me, leaving me encouraging messages. I feel better when I got a message from my dad. Family is number one to me."

Raymond met Pan on the set of movie "The Emerald and the Pearl" last year. They finally got together sometime after they were done filming. But because of their busy work schedule plus personality difference, the relationship ended shortly in January this year. Although it was only a short one, but Raymond was actually serious about her, even brought her to see his parents.

"Although I didn't know what would happen between us, but I wanted to develop a good relationship. My parents' impression on her? It was okay in the beginning. But because I would be affected by my partner easily, when I was in relationship with her, I wasn't focused enough at work. Like after I worked the entire day, when we were on the phone, she might not be happy. If her attitudes or emotions are a little different, I would feel down, my mood would be affected. People around me know. My parents would say things about it. But it's my problem that I can't balance my relationship and work."

Although the relationship ended shortly, but Raymond expressed he won't mind dating people in the showbiz. He believes then they could understand and encourage each other. This incident won't leave a bad experience for him when it comes to dating.

"Things are different. I don't feel like I was used. Taking photos...I'm those who rarely take photos even with friends. But she loves taking photos, I don't mind, I just didn't know...She did send SMS to me after the report came out. But I don't want to talk about it."

He might be used this time, but Raymond still praises Pan a good girl.

"I didn't give her a card to buy things. Instead she bought many things for me. She kept buying things for me when she was out. She was very caring. I could hardly take time off to be with her. Many times we could hardly meet up. I have to make a decision, family and career, then love, how should I choose? What is missing? Maybe the right time."

Most people are accusing Pan for leaking these photos on purpose and using Raymond for fame. Pan herself once expressed the photos could be leak when she lost her phone in the hair salon. She has turned off her cellphone and keeps herself quiet these days. Her manager disclosed they are still investigating how the photos leaked, and they have a suspect in mind.

"Shuang Shaung and her assistant had some argument earlier. The assistant knows the password of Shuang Shuang's computer. We are still investigating. Shuang Shuang is very upset. She was supposed to film a movie in early April, but it looks like we would have to see. She doesn't want to speak out right now because we are being bombard."

Source: Mingpao Weekly / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment 

[Kay says: Since this is a quite in-depth interview, this is the last report on Raymond's bed photos leak.]


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