Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stephy Tang still messes up lyrics when she is looking at them, Alex Fong blames

Stephy Tang and Alex Fong duet in a function "新城慈善K唱游@mtr malls2009" yesterday. Stephy still messed up the lyrics when she was singing by looking at the lyrics played on the television screen. Even Alex couldn't help and criticized her through the mic, "You still got it wrong even when looking at the lyrics?" Stephy laughed to hide her embarrassment, "This proved I didn't look at the lyrics." She explained afterward, "Normally, I won't forget lyrics. Because this time it's a group duet and we are all having fun, plus this song is not mine, it's Alex's, so that's why I don't know the lyrics well."

They also expressed like to practice singing at home. Alex Fong loves to practice in the cloakroom because baseboard can serve the use of soundproof sponge, using the clothes to absorb the sound. But one night at 12am someone still complained because he forgot to close the window. Stephy also expressed once complained by neighbors, but that night she wasn't practicing with Alex for sure.

As for Stephy to enter Hollywood, although Alex didn't hear Stephy mentioned it, he will still support her. He said, "One must have dreams in order to improve."

[Mingpao, K]


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