Saturday, December 12, 2009

Conservatively dressed Linda Chung VS. long legs Kate Tsui

Linda Chung attended to autograph signing for her new album, “My Love Story.” Although conservatively dressed, she still attracted 300 fans to support. She received a platinum record from the company, proving her new album has a great sale. In addition, she also received sketching books and cakes from international fans as encouragement, making her very touched.

In fact, Linda didn’t know Kate Tsui is also having an autograph signing on the same day. She congratulated her and said, “We are on different routes. We will do our best even if we are on the same route. One only loses if one just wants to compete. Let it be.” She is grateful that fans are there by her just like family. Asked whether she’s ever touched by the words of rumored boyfriend, Philip Ng, she said, “No, haven’t meet someone like that.”

Linda’s eighbors exposed that she went to Philip Ng’s house even when she said she’s not closed with him, she said, “I felt ridiculous when I heard about it in Malaysia. I have to avoid paparazzi, and also neighbors. This is hard. We’re friends: went into the house, brought glasses, sang in karaoke, and went to shop are very normal activities. Everyone has friends.”

Kate Tsui promoted new album yesterday. The performance was arranged with many dancers and she appeared in a new look. Kate said it’s harder to dance in the 4inch heels and she practiced 2hr already before the show. There were about 100 fans waiting on the line for autographs. She said she’s confident in her new series, “The Beauty Of The Game”, airing this Monday. There will be a scene where she will appear in bathing suit, repeating the bathing suit round from the beauty pageant.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


Linda always looks classy and polished. Kate on the other hand always looks like a slut. I guess that's what she has to do considering she has NO talent!

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