Thursday, December 10, 2009

Theresa Fu to advance to Taiwan in 2011

Theresa Fu went to Taiwan to have a fans reunion. Although only a little more than 10 fans attended, she was touched anyways, "I communicate with fans from Taiwan through blog these years. It's hard to imagine that they already noticed me since the Cookies era and they collected my photos and books." Theresa's tears dropped when fans asked her to sign her prose work , which was released in 2006.

During the event, fans asked when Therea will come to Taiwan to film idol dramas. In fact, Theresa's new company, Filmko Holdings, already arranged for her. A producer from China Television has a good impression at her, saying she is decent in Mandarin and her Japanese look is quite favorable in the Taiwanese market. Theresa said, "I just signed a new company, but right now I hope to keep up with market here in Hong Kong. Then I will consider going to Taiwan in 2011."



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