Saturday, December 12, 2009

Record companies to shut out TVB, Hins Cheung supports company’s decision

The four major record companies, Universal, SonyBMG, EMI, and Warner, are planning to shut out TVB together due to their dissatisfaction of TVB’s refusal to pay the necessary royalties. Last year, TVB required record companies to pay relevant expenses for MVs filmed by TVB for their artistes. Hins Cheung, who belongs to Universal, believes shutting out TVB is not the only resolution; but he will still support any of his company’s decisions.

Alex Fong pointed out that TVB is important to artistes’ exposure on television and there should be a better way to solve this problem. Asked whether he feels TVB is overbearing, he said everyone should comply with the rules and try the best to compromise with each other, “They should communicate with each other, can think of another way to make money. There are always ways to earn money. Must work with each other, since the television market in HK is not so competitive.” SonyBMG expressed will announce everything once settled down. Universal didn’t reply at the moment.



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