Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fala Chen lets Tavia Yeung have her dress

Fala Chen appeared in a Christmas event yesterday and exposed that she and Tavia Yeung actually have the same dress for the Anniversary Awards Ceremony. She said, "I found out we have the same dress when I took it out in TVB. Because I think Tavia will have a good chance in winning, so I let her wear it and called my sponsor for another one. But the other two they sent to me didn't fit, so eventually I have to asked TVB for another one. I feel bad that I didn't wear the ones I borrowed from the sponsor." She said she doesn't mind and thinks she and Tavia think alike.

Tavia admitted the incident by phone, "Really have to thank Fala. This proved we have similar tastes. She let me have it generously and she knew I only have one dress. I will thank her by treating her dinner."

[Oriental Daily]


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