Friday, December 4, 2009

Stephy recommends food to Chiaki Kuriyama; Raymond Lam likes fair-skinned girls

Stephy Tang, Japanese artist Chiaki Kuriyama, Raymond Lam, Mandy Lieu, etc attended to a skin product event. Stephy expressed she met Kuriyama a night ago and toured her around, "I recommended some HK special treats, like eggette and Chinese dim sum." (Did you give her your album and photo album?) "I didn't prepare them. I will go visit her when I go to Japan." (How do you guys communicate?) "In English." (She said her English isn't good?) "We can learn from each other, and can also use body language and sketching. I'm currently learning Mandarin and English and if I have to learn another language, my first choice would be Japanese."

Raymond Lam said he is more serious in skin care due to HDTV today. He said colleagues will praise his skin sometimes and he said, "I like girls with fair skin and I will stare at them more." (Is it the #1 requirement?) "No, getting along well is the most important." (Is Linda Chung's skin fair enough?) "No really, mine is more fair hers."

[Wenweipo & The Sun]


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