Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tavia Yeung feels happy winning "Best Performance Award": Th result of trying hard for 11 years

Tavia Yeung received 2 awards in TVB's award ceremony on Friday. Many netizens criticized her character in "Beyond The Realm of Conscience" isn't likable and she doesn't deserve winning the award of "My Favorite TV Female Character". Tavia replied, "It's a good thing there is reaction already, that means everyone cares. I will pretend I took "Most Disliked TV Character Award." (Charmaine Sheh didn't win anything?) "No, we are good sisters. She said I won this year and she will win next year."

The other award she won, "Best Performance" is considered as a consolation award, however, Tavia thinks this is the result of trying hard for 11 years, "Winning this award means I'm acknowledged by the company. I hope this award will be given every year and I hope to win again."

In addition, there were 30 fans of Tavia waiting outside of TVB and they celebrate with Tavia. Asked she has more fans than Sheren, she denied and said she is Sheren's fans. As for "Beyond" didn't win as much compared to "Rosy Business", Tavia said, "A little disappointed." (Will look forward to TV Queen?) "I will continue to work hard."



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