Monday, December 7, 2009

Hacken Lee is to be a father again, wife Emily Lo is 3 months pregnant

Hacken Lee announced wife Emily Lo is 3 months pregnant. He expressed recently he saw paparazzi around his house and he thought it's hard for them to still work in cold weather, so he decided to announce this good news. He said he had to hide it due to the Chinese tradition. He only told his family and Alan Tam. But now it has been 3 months so it's safe to announce. Son Ryan Lee is excited to know he will be having a little brother/sister. Hacken said now he needs to earn more money to support the family. He will release a new album at the end of the month and he hopes fans will buy his album and DVD to help him.

Hacken and his wife has been missing out friends' parties these 2 and 3 months because of pregnancy. They felt very sorry and said have to apologize. Hacken will start to tell friends about this good news, "I cannot stay with my wife the whole time because of work. I hope when you guys meet my wife, don't bump or scare her. I promise I will report to you guys every 2 months. Let us live like normal people!"



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