Monday, December 7, 2009

William Chan puts on a forced smile, finally admits break-up

William Chan and Angelababy had been together for 5 years. But their relationship was affected when the two rise to fame; even more when Baby leveled up and went to work in Japan. Baby hinted the break-up on her blog recently, "Whatever is meant to lose, will." When William attended to a school event yesterday, he tried to smile and look happy unlike before. He said he didn't read Baby's blog and only knew about the news from the reporters, "If I didn't read it, it doesn't mean I don't support her. I haven't read it for 1 year." (The 'lost' she mentioned, is it you?) "You guys ask her, don't ask me. I don't know what did she lose, I don't want to guess."

As for Baby said she has to grow up, William said, "Of course I would want her to grow up, everyone will." (Did you grow up?) "Yeah." (Did you lose anything?) "Whatever needs to lose already did. I lost so much time in resting." (What about love?) "Lost affections, no time to deal things with people, have to focus in my career, I have not time to get along with people." (Including love?) "Don't want to talk about it. No time to deal matters even if I want to." (Broke-up?) "Always friends from the beginning." (Baby said you guys changed from good friends to regular friends.) "Don't know whether they mean the same. No change in friendship. Maybe there is a different use in words, I don't dare to comment too much."

On the other hand, Baby accepted an interview with Cable TV's Luk Hou Ming, admitting been in a relationship 3 times and now she's in a resting mode, hinting she already broke up with William, "Too busy at work, no time to be in love." (Broke up with William?) "Just friends, always." (Break-up is too painful?) "To say to break-up is indeed hard."

[The Sun]


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