Thursday, December 17, 2009

Theresa Fu to change image next year

Theresa Fu attended to a popularity award ceremony and she accidentally said the homophone of a bad word. She was awarded with "Popular Female Artiste of the Year" but she had many negative news this year, "Popularity is determined differently by different people. I hope my news next year will be more positive." Asked whether her most unforgettable news is didn't get along with Stephy Tang, she said, "I'm used to this already. It has been going on for years. The biggest change to me is changing a new company." Reporters said her rumor with Owodog is something positive, she joked it would be good if it's real. She said every negative news upset her the past year.

Theresa is famous for her signature golden hair and big lens contacts look, but she decided to make a change, "I will appear with a different image when I release a new single next year. I might not wear big lens contacts again." She said she kept this look for 2 years and she felt it's too feminine. She hopes her new image is somewhat boyish. Asked whether she will cut her hair short and is she afraid fans won't like it, she said, "I hope fans like who I am." (Fans like your current look?) "Hairstyle is adjustable, but I don't want to be that girly."



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