Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christine Ng sighs, "It's hard to have good friends in showbiz."

Christine Ng and Sharon Chan appeared in "My Name is Bond". Christine expressed hope to use this show to get closer with the audience. She will disclose her relationships of friends in the showbiz business. She said, "It's very easy to make friends in this showbiz, but it's hard to have good friends."

She said she's only close with Anita Yuen and Almen Wong in the industry. Sharon is her only sworn sister. Although they are sworn sisters, Christine admitted they weren't compatible at the beginning, "We went to Thailand together on break. I like to rest in the hotel, but she likes to go to places, so I felt she's quite annoying. But that's how women are." In the end, Christine understood she cannot require others to do what she likes; the relationship between the two improved gradually.



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