Thursday, December 3, 2009

Prudence Liew's ears bleed, 75% hearing left

Prudence Liew performed in "Uni-Power Concert" and sang live although she is sick. She has a cold, sinus infection, asthma, and her voice is hoarse. She got sick after attending to the Golden Horse Awards. She said, "My ears were stuffed on the plane and it was very uncomfortable. Blood came out from my left ear when I pressed my nose tightly and exhaled at the same time, trying to relieve my ears." She expressed she found out she lost half of her hearing the second day she came back to HK, "I went to the doctor immediately and his reaction made me thought I'm deaf. He said I need to rest for 3 weeks and cannot take the plane."

She had to consume steroids for two days because she lost her voice, too. Asked why she didn't lip-sync, she said, "Shouldn't do this when working, unless I'm dead. I only have 75% hearing right now and it's already good that I can still perform."



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