Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wayne Lai & Sheren Tang continue to lead in the race of TV King & Queen

Best Actor
1. Wayne Lai - "Rosy Business" as Chai Gau 80%
2. Dayo Wong - "You're Hired" as Mak Tai Shong 10%
3. Gallen Lo - "Born Rich" as Chek Yat Ming 2%
4. Wong He - "Burning Flames 3" as Chung Yau Shing 1%
5. Moses Chan - "Beyond The Realm of Conscience" as Lee Yee 1%

Best Actress
1. Sheren Tang - "Rosy Business" as Hong Bo Kei 62%
2. Tavia Yeung - "Beyond the Realm of Conscience" as Yiu Kam Ling 18%
3. Charmaine Sheh - "Beyond the Realm of Conscience" as Lau Sam Ho 15%
4. Teresa Mo - "Off Pedder" as Yen Sheung 2%
5. Anita Yuen - "Born Rich" as Chek Yat Sum 1%

New Award Added This Year

The TVB Anniversary Awards will distribute 15 awards in total. In addition, a new award is added this year called "Best Performance Award". TVB's Chan Ka Yeung stressed that this award is to praise the actor/actress, whose performance is the most notable, outstanding, and effective to the series; this is an honor, not a consolation prize. The actors/actress who made into the top 5 in their categories will receive gold medals as encouragement. Also, there will be a section in the ceremony for actor Chan Hung Lit, who just passed away.

[The Sun]


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