Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stephy Tang feels honored to be defamed by Jacky Cheung

Stephy Tang and almost 80 other actors attended to the press conference for movie "72 Tenants". Because many Mainland media were present, she was teased immediately by Eric Tsang when she introduced herself in Cantonese, "Everyone is speaking in Mandarin, can you say some, too?" Stephy said she didn't know Mandarin was the main langauge in the press conference and stressed her Mandarin is good enough to handle conversations.

In addition, a clip was played, showing Jacky Cheung intimating Stephy's out-of-tune performance when singing "電燈膽" ("Lightbulb"). Stephy expressed she already knew it from the script and she doesn't mind but felt honored because Jacky is performing it, "I don't mind, it's a long time ago and it happened before like in 'Nobody's Perfect', too."



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