Saturday, April 10, 2010

[Feature] Taiwanese Susan Boyle Lin Yu Chun 林育群

What are some similarities between this 22-year-old Taiwanese boy and 49-year-old Susan Boyle?

Chubby appearance, both competed in singing contests, and definitely their amazing voice.

Because of his excellent performance in singing Whitney Huston's "I Will Always Love You," Lin Yu Chun is now known as the Taiwanese Susan Boyle to many. Videos of him singing "I Will Always Love You" has been flowing around the internet and got more than 20000000+ hits on YouTube! As a boy, you can't tell his gender if you only listen to his voice when he sings. He's truly a talent and is known solely in his singing skills, not his looks like most known singers now. He's so popular that many foreign medias are reporting on him. ABC's talk show "Lopez Tonight" even invited him as guest! Expects to see him on TV soon in the US!

How does he feel about this instant fame?

"I didn't know what to do, so excited, so nervous. I kept saying, slap me till I'm awake! But this dream seems never end."

Whether it's just fame of a day, Lin's voice is now heard by many around the world. At least that's something colorful in his life. Check out his performance if you haven't had a chance to, you'll be touched.


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