Saturday, April 10, 2010

TVB Is Wiping Out 'Stephen Chan Gang'

Stephen Chan's bribery case angered TVB's GM Mona Fong a lot. Besides putting Stephen and Wilson Chin's jobs on hold, the "Stephen Chan gang" (people who benefit or mentor by Stephen) has no luck at all. After wiping out Amigo Chui, Patrick Tang, and Louis Cheung, Sharon Chan and Natalie Tong, who dined with Chan last month, are at risk as well. TVB continues to wipe out others behind the scene. Producer of "Jade Singers for TVB" Poon Yu Kai, who is closed to Chan, was fired lately. It's known that he received the notice on April 8th from Ho Lai Chun and it took effect immediately. When Fong was checking accounts, she found out that the account of "JSFTVB" was too messy and as the producer of the show, Poon had to be blamed. He also said he assisted ICAC for the bribery case but ICAC never contact him again. Plus he was criticized by Fong for last year's "Miss Hong Kong," it might be one of the reasons why he got fired.

P: Poon / R: Reporter

R: It's said you're fired.

P: Yes! I received the letter two days ago. TVB's reason is that the company has not other projects to do. Then let's congratulate them to have better business! Personally I disheartened. No problem firing me. But their reason is very implausible! I can't accept it! It's a big company. Every producer in variety show department are so busy, how can there be nothing else to do? I was working on "My Story In Songs," they actually used this ridiculous reason, I don't even want to argue with them. They also told me that they will keep firing people!

R: It's said you got fired is because ICAC's investigation of "Jade Stars for TVB"?

P: There's no problem with the account for the show. But didn't know how messy it is behind the scene. I had to sign a recommendation contract in order to work. Everything is fine, instead it was under budget!

R: Related to ICAC's investigation?

P: I don't think so. I have no problem even if Ms. Fong check on me.

R: This time "Stephen Chan gang" is being wiped out, are you part of the gang?

P: (laughed bitterly) Then I'm part of the gang, because Philip Chan used me a lot, and he's often appointed by Stephen, I guess that counts. But actually I don't have any personal relationship with him!

Source: The Sun / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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