Saturday, April 10, 2010

Members of "Stephen Chan Gang" Are At Risk

After Stephen Chan was arrested, members of "Stephen Chan Gang" have less jobs than before Chan was arrested.

Patrick Tang: He's out from hosting "Jade Solid Gold," April 1st is his last time as the host. Currently filming upcoming series "Quarantined 7 Days of Romance." As for producer Poon Yu Kai is fired, Tang asked reporters back: "Is it Ah Kai? First of all I didn't know he got fired. Secondly I don't know him at all, shouldn't reply too much. (Do you think you're affected since you're out of 'JSG'?) I told reporters many times that I'm just a temporary replacement for the show. I'm busy filming new series, Universal record will release an album for me. (Universal record releasing albums for you, are you embarrassed?) Just want to do the best for my job, don't want to think too much."

Natalie Tong: She was invited to dinner by Chan after he was released. Although she has an important role in 'A Fistful of Stances,' but she's not important during promotions. Asked as a member of 'Stephen Chan Gang," is she affected? She said: "I am closed to Mr. Chan, but it doesn't affect me much. I still have a decent amount of work. After 'AFOS' would have "翻叮一族," will to film new series in June/July. (Less attention during promotion?) OK lar, it's good that it will continue to have more promotion."

Louis Cheung: He had more jobs after leveled up as one of Chan's favorites. After Chan's jobs are cut off, Cheung is out from "The Voice," second season of "正識第一," and "博愛歡樂傳萬家."

Amigo Chui: Stopped working after the assault case, only went to volunteer in Africa. It was expected to resume working but it was put on hold due to Chan's investigation.

Steven Ma: Renewed contract with TVB because of Chan. After Chan's arrested, no second season for his own show "Apprentice Chef." Currently filming "Quarantined 7 Days of Romance."

Sharon Chan: Invited to Chan's dinner. Not center of attention during promotion of "Suspects In Love." Fortunately she's still able to film new series "Can't Buy My Love."

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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