Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Francis Ng Rushes to Plead Guilty, Penalizes 10,000 HKD

Source: Mingpao

Because he was trying to protect his wife from being verbally abused, Francis Ng allegedly hurt a male customer in a bakery. He denied wounding charges earlier but after he knew charges turn into an assault, he rushed to plead guilty. The judge advised him to control his temper and emotions in the future: "You're very lucky, if you're ruled with wounding, you'll be imprisoned immediately. You're a notable artiste and your actions are watched by many. You need to control your temper and emotions well in the future. Although you were trying to protect yourself, but you applied violence to this incident foolishly. Really shouldn't have done it."

Francis was penalized with 10,000HKD fee and he's now on the criminal record. When he left the court, he didn't answer any questions from the reporters. His lawyer told reporters to give Francis some personal space, let him return home to meet his family.


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