Monday, April 19, 2010

Grace Wong Drinks Australian Milk, Cup-size Increased

Source: The Sun
Translated by: KAY
Shirley Yeung, Koni Lui, Samantha Ko, Grace Wong, and Lily Ho etc. attended to a Miss Hong Kong event along with last year's winners Sandy Lau, Germanine Lee, and Mizuni Hung. Samantha and Grace both showed off their chest. Grace's super deep-V was very attractive. She explained her cup-sized increased after filming a food program: "I ate lots of things with Chee gor! (What did you eat that caused your cup-sized to increase?) Seafood and meat,  milk in Australia is very tasty, 34C leveled up to 34D, I have to buy new bras! (Satisfied with your body?) Want to lose some weight on the bottom, no need to be this big!"

As for Samantha, who hasn't appeared that seductively lately, praised Koni for being very feminine. Reporters asked did she lose some weight, she said: "Yes, but cup-size still the same, real stuff." Koni dressed more conservatively compared to Grace and Samantha, she named herself 'Goddess Athena': "They said my look is like a goddess, but I couldn't help but look more at Grace! (Lost some advantage?) Yeah, didn't show off legs today!"


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