Monday, April 19, 2010

Secretly Meeting In Taiwan, Eric Suen Kisses Macy Chan In The Rain

Source: Singtao
Translated by:

Eric Suen and Macy Chan's relationship was exposed last August, but the two never admitted nor denied anything. Lately Eric cleared up that everything is just rumors, but yesterday the couple was caught meeting in Taiwan: reporters photographed them holding hands and shopping, even kissing outside a convenience store!

Once dated CherrieYing and Vivien Yeo, these years Eric tried to handle his relationship privately. Last year the media exposed his relationship with Macy. Although they've been photographed during their dates, but the two never admitted their romance. When asked about his relationship status, Eric still said everything is just rumors; he will announce his relationship in the future. In just several days, his relationship with Macy officially exposed in Taiwan.

Eric is currently on break and he brought girlfriend Macy Chan to Taiwan. Around midnight, he invited a bunch of friends to party in KTV and ordered 2 big boxes of beer. He then went to another VIP room to sing until early morning and left around 5am. Eric was so drunk that he needed friends to support him walking. As his girlfriend, Macy was there with him the whole time. The two went onto a bus and went to eat breakfast together.

After eating breakfast, Eric and Macy still weren't tired. Holding hands and walking in the rain, they went to shop in a mall nearby. Eric's right hand was holding Macy's waist; his left hand was hold her handbag. When they were waiting for the taxi to come with their friends, they couldn't help and kissed each other on the streets. As for the two's relationship, Eric's record company Universal expressed that Eric is currently on a break and they couldn't contact him at the moment. As for Macy, she replied Hong Kong media with SMS expressing: "I'm sorry, no comment at the moment!"


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