Monday, April 19, 2010

Twins Cries During Their Last Show

Source: Oriental Daily
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The last show of Twins' "Twins Everyone Bounces Up Concert 2010" was held yesterday. Twins' senior Joey Yung was the last performing guest. Many artistes from the showbiz came to enjoy the final show including Remus Choi, Deep Ng and his girlfriend Jacquline Ch'ng, boss Albert Yeung, etc. Twins cried several times on the stage. Ah Gill expressed emotionally: "These 10 years especially during these past 2 years, many things happened, but everyone is still supporting us! Really afraid there won't be a second time. Thank you very much for giving us every opportunity." The two also thanked their boss and manager Mani Fok, then they sang "In Love 10 Years" (相愛十年) with tears; it was very touching.

Joey Yung showed up during Twins' encore. Joey said to Twins: "I know it's tough these two years. Every time I see you guys I feel emotional. I want to stay with you guys and support you every day."

Joey's caring touched Ah Gill, and Ah Gill said: "Two years ago, it was supposed to be us to hold this concert, because something happened to me.....really have to thank Joey for replacing us." Joey said: "Don't make me cry with you!" Joey then brought some other artistes to the stage and sang together. The show ended with 2 encores.

During their celebration event, Twins admitted they cried because they're afraid this would be the last time. Ah Gill said she lost a lot from the past, never thought she can step into the HK coliseum again to hold a concert. She hopes to tour outside Hong Kong soon.


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