Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Only 9 People Went To See Uma Thurman's New Film

Uma Thurman's latest film has bombed at the British box office - making just £88 in its opening weekend.The movie, which tells the story of a stressed mother attempting to raise her children and pursue a writing career, was watched by just one person when it opened last Sunday, meaning it took only £9 on its first day.Over the entire opening weekend, no more than 12 people went to see the film, which cost $5million to make and also stars Minnie Driver and a cameo by Jodie Foster. 

When contacted about the dismal failure of Motherhood, producer Jane Edelbaum said: 'You're kidding? We must have broken a new record for grosses!'While Motherhood took just over £40,000 in the U.S. when it opened last year, Edelbaum blames Metrodome, the company in charge of promoting the film in the UK, for its extraordinary lack of success in Britain.She told The Guardian: 'Think about how much crap succeeds at the cinema. Motherhood is not bad. It's a very decent movie. I've seen movie that are not half as good.'

However, despite its dismal takings, Motherhood is not officially Britain's lowest grossing film on its opening weekend.

That doubtful honour was bestowed on 2007 movie My Nikifor, a film about Polish artist Nikifor Krynicki, which took just £7 on its debut weekend.

From Daily Mail


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