Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Vanness Wu Appears With New Girlfriend

Vanness Wu was rumored with Tiffany Hsu during their filming of "Autumn's Concerto," but the two denied it. Yesterday Vanness' real girlfriend appeared. According to the media in Mainland, Vanness brought his new girlfriend to a mall in Central, Hong Kong. The two was shopping, both in black clothing. Vanness was asked about the identity of the girl and he disclosed through his manager that the girl in the photo is his girlfriend.

When the media asked Vanness whether the girl was his new girlfriend, he only smiled and didn't know how to answer. He replied through manager: "Since we've been photographed, that's right, she is my new girlfriend. We just started to date for a while."

Vanness said they knew each other in the past and she's not in the showbiz. She is also an ABC (American Born Chinese) and a Christian. "Because it's her first time being photographed by paparrazi,  so I need to protect her. Can't disclose that much right now."

After he broke up with Vivian Hsu, Vanness admitted he had another girlfriend but they broke up eventually. After two years of being single, he finally met someone. "We both believe in the same religion and have the background. We get along very well." He also made a promise with God that no sex before marriage.

Source: UDN / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment  


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