Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Johnson Lee & Wong Cho Lam Portray Ronald Cheng & Ah Sa

TVB's new variety show "Fun With Liza and Gods" (荃加福祿壽) was shooting their latest episode. Angela Tong and HotCha were invited as guests, but they weren't as attention-grabbing as Johnson Lee and Wong Cho Lam, who portrayed Ronald Cheng and Ah Sa during their press conference. Johnson also portrayed Andy Lau in the scene where Andy and his wife were at the airport.

During the clip, Johnson and Cho Lam are 射葱喱 and 蔡桌鹽 (close homophones of Ronald and Ah Sa's Chinese names). Their hair styles, clothing, and emotions are the same as Ronald and Ah Sa's during their conference. They edited the secret marriage incident into "eating pig intestines secretly." It's about "Bonald" admitted that he and "Ah Cha" went to LA to eat pig intestines. They handled it as a private matter so they didn't announce it to everyone. "Bonald," portrayed by Johnson, said: "These years everyone keeps on guessing whether we eat things in secret or not, fish intestines, pig intestines, rice roll or even human intestines? Actually we just ate pig intestines."

"Bonald" said even although he can't continue to eat pig intestines with Ah Cha together, but they had the precious moments of eating pig intestines secretly. Then Johnson pretended to cry like Ronald did. "Ah Cha" next to him gave him some tissue and comforted him.

Then "Ah Cha" spoke up. "She" admitted they started to eat pig intestines in Wong Kwok and now in LA, but they knew what they were doing, and it was to eat pig intestines around the world. "She" said: "I thought this was our little secret, but in fact greedy people have no privacy, we decided not to eat pig intestines ever again."

As for portraying Ah Sa, Cho Lam already texted to notify Ah Sa about it. Asked the most difficult thing in portraying her, Cho Lam said it's her feelings because he felt a little sorry, since it's something sad. He already suggested producer to cut off some scenes.

Source: ON.CC / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment


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